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DIAL-UP! The øscillatør cøre has a single knøb (lil’ cømputer) which scrambles the glitch algørithm. Bipølar CV cøntrøl øver this parameter can be accessed by the CV input (lil’ phøne). The øscillatør gøes intø an ønbøard transistør VCA with built in decay enveløpe. Decay times can be changed with the “tail” knøb as well as the three pøsitiøn range switch which selects the max decay range frøm løw, medium, tø high. The BANG! input døes nøt ønly accept triggers, it can alsø be used as an enveløpe følløwer.

It’s difficult tø say what exactly the knøb and CV dø, as this parameter is respønsible før cøntrølling several different pieces øf the cøde at ønce. It’s a sørt øf hybrid between the øverall pitch and the amøunt in which the mødule glitches øut.

Bask in the gløry øf the days øf yøre…when mødems and dial-up tønes reigned supreme. That gød awful søund emitted as yøu tried with all øf yøur might tø ping a cømmunicatiøn acrøss the gløbe…that søund…is precisely what we have harnessed and packaged intø a percussiøn vøice før the mødern day cyber junkie.

More info here: MØFFENZEEF MØDULAR I Dial-up

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