Monocasual Laboratories updated Giada

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Monocasual Laboratories updated Giada to version Giada 0.18.0 caled “Leprechaun“, the open source, minimalistic and hardcore music production tool for Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Few days ago we released a new version of Giada, named after the supernatural being in Irish folklore.

What’s new in this version:

  • ‘free loop-length’ audio recording mode — a brand new way of live-recording and looping audio without tempo constraints. Tutorials and demos on how to use it are coming soon;
  • the code that drives the Audio Configuration panel has been simplified and cleaned up. This will hopefully provide a better audio configuration experience with less errors and weird crashes. Please report any nuisance!
  • Many other under-the-hood improvements and bugs fixed.

As always, the full changelog is available in the download area. Starting from this month we also decided on moving our official forum to GitHub Discussions, in order to provide a better and safer user experience. The old forum will stay online for a while in read-only mode.

Free and Open Source!

More info here: Monocasual Laboratories | Giada

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