Moon Modular released 551CP

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Moon Modular released 551CP, a MIDI TO CONTROL VOLTAGE module that converts MIDI data into analog control voltages.

A MIDI note-on command gets converted into a keyboard control voltage and gate signal, the third output turns the note-on velocity into a corresponding control voltage.
Three more output jacks on the left generate voltages from pitch- and modulation wheel controllers. The jack labeled “Controller” puts out a voltage from one of 9 selectable MIDI controller sources, e. g. after touch · breath controller pedal · sustain pedal panorama · master volume.

Three toggle switches enable:
(a) pitch bending to be added to keyboard cv
(b) change of note priority (highest, lowest, last note)
(c) legato mode.

The MIDI channel is selectable from 1-16.

More info here: Moon Modular | 551CP

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