Multiton Bits releases new sample packs Warm Analog Tops and Cinematic Electronix

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Multiton Bits has released two new packs in April, Warm Analog Tops & Cinematic Electronix.

    New: Warm Analog Tops

Warm Analog Tops is a collection of unique percussive and melodic samples from mostly analog sources we have encountered over time. Ranging from Roland to MFB and Nord drum machines, these sounds were not featured in other Multiton Bits packs.

Contains hats, cymbals, toms, congas, blips and melodic percussions:
• 181 Original Royalty Free Sound
• 111 WAV One-Shoots
• 62 WAV Loops
• 62 REX2 Loops
• 1 Ableton Live Set (111 One-Shoots, 8 Midi Files)

Price: $17

Product page: Multiton Bits – Warm Analog Tops

    New: Cinematic Electronix

Also recently released Cinematic Electronix is a collection of carefully designed one-shots for sound designers and music makers who want to add complex organic sounds and lively electronic samples and sequences to their production. Meticulously programmed to give special shine to your tracks and make them stand out.

Contains strings, drums, flutes, vox, electronic, processed & foley sounds:
• 131 Original Royalty Free Sound
• 111 WAV One-Shoots
• 30 WAV Long Background Tracks
• 1 Ableton Live Set (111 One-Shoots, 12 Midi Files)

Price: $19

Multiton Bits – Cinematic Electronix

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