Native Instruments released Super 8 for Reaktor Player

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Native Instruments released Super 8, a new instrument that brings together vintage analog polysynth sounds with an intuitive modern interface.

With more than 200 presets, Super 8 provides fast access to a diverse array of classic sounds and textures. The instrument also makes it simple to customize sounds while always keeping users within the instrument’s sweet spot. Super 8 runs in Reaktor 6 and the free Reaktor 6 Player, and is available now at the NI Online Shop for 69€. Extensive presets With Super 8, users can start creating right away by choosing from 200+ presets – including rich analog strings, ethereal pads, deep basses, biting leads, electronic percussion, and unusual effects. Patches were inspired by iconic analog synths, but Super 8 has a character all its own. Modern presets provide combinations of oscillators, filters, and modulation settings that wouldn’t have been possible on original hardware. Designed for tweaking Super 8 makes it fun and easy to tweak sounds through a clean, next-generation interface. Simple sliders enable users to blend up to four waveforms for each of the two oscillators. They can mix the oscillators, sync them, and add FM oscillation for a digital edge. Users can also adjust low-pass, band-pass, or high-pass filtering, then move ASDR sliders to make quick changes to filter and amplifier envelopes. The interface’s modulation section lets users easily add motion to sounds. They can choose one or more mod waveforms, then dial in speed and phase. For maximum creative flexibility, users can capitalize on mod routing to map almost any source to any destination. Built to be played Users can explore the full creative possibilities of Super 8 by controlling the instrument with a MIDI controller. Driving the Super 8 pitch wheel, mod wheel, and touch strip from a controller can produce expressive leads, shifting soundscapes, and evolving textures. Users can set parameters directly from the interface’s front page – or take advantage of automatic parameter mapping with a Komplete Kontrol keyboard. Flexible mod routing enables users to adjust pitch, modulation, filtering, keytracking, and other parameters in real-time.

Super 8 runs in Reaktor 6 and the free Reaktor 6 Player and is available at the NI Online Shop for USD 69$ / EUR 69€.

More info here: Native Instruments | Super 8

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