Neurofunk Arsenal 2 – New samples and loops by Ghosthack

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Ghosthack has released the new soundcollection Neurofunk Arsenal 2.

Remember those super functional Virus TI keyboards, that were once (and are still for some) the pinnacle of DSP-based digital synthesis? Parts of the sound palette those devices could synthesize found their way into our new Neurofunk Arsenal, the sequel.

Roughly 1,2GB in size, this package contains 880 files of razor-sharp rhythmic modulation. Focused on granular neuro bass sounds and drum one-shots it holds a wide array of distinctly different cymbals, hi-hats, kicks, rides, snares and a total of 25 drum loops – all separated in stems, all key- and BPM-labeled.

For surface decoration we added a few ethereal pads, drones and sound FX. Quite useful when designing intros or interludes. Two “Intro Construction Kits” are also part of the menu, making it easy to jump right in and learn the basic construction methods of cinematic aural settings right from the get go.

This armory has everything one needs to forge some truly spine-chilling Neurofunk tracks.

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Ghosthack – Neurofunk Arsenal2

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