New Systems Instruments announced Inertia

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New Systems Instruments announced Inertia, a universal movement simulator coming October 8. It generates output curves from input stimuli and the weight of its own motion—that is, its inertia.
Just as Newton described the motion of the planets and the motion of earthly bodies with a single set of laws, so too Inertia brings together several seemingly disparate musical functions with a single, elegant abstraction.

Inertia can be used as:

  • a rich oscillator with 5+ octaves of temperature-compensated V/O and CV over skew
  • an LFO divider
  • a filter with controllable resonance, from a light touch to screaming glitches
  • an envelope generator with nuanced, natural sounding control over the minutiae of the attack and decay stages
  • an intuitive sine wave skew LFO
  • a phase locked loop
  • a voltage controlled exponential slew limiter
  • a slew limiter with controllable overshoot and settling (like a Wogglebug)
  • a percussive sound generator
  • and more uses that we haven’t yet discovered

More info here: New Systems Instruments | Inertia

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