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We released another free preset pack. This there are 50 fresh and inspiring presets for the VST synth plugin Predator by Rob Papen available.

Just click on the link below for more information and the download or go to our Downloads page.


  1. Probably a dumb question, but… I have a few RP synths and effect modules, but Predator wasn’t one that I had. I noticed a while back that they had released Predator PL (I think it’s PL), which is a cut-down version of Predator, with a LOT of presets, but it’s not REALLY a synthesizer, in that you can’t really create sounds from scratch, but you can load a preset, and tweak (or mangle) the presets to your liking. I actually think its only available in a limited number of places… Anyway, will these presets (and any other presets not made by RP) work with that version of Predator? I’ve never tried to use other presets with it, other than the ones that came with it. I was just curious if anyone knew if that was possible or not. Regardless, thank you for your time. I appreciate it!

  2. And I guess I could try not being an idiot, and just DL the pack, and try it out myself haha. I’ll do that, and drop back by and answer the question I originally asked, just in case anyone else out there is in the same situation. And thanks again guys. I appreciate the presets very much as well :)

  3. Author

    Hi Dro,

    Thanks for writing in. Unfortunately we can not anwer this question. As you already mentioned – just try it out ;)


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