Nightlife – Freeware synth by Acoustica and Dancelab

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Acoustica and Dancelab (Jay Frog and CPS) have been released an outstunning freeware-synth – NIGHTLIFE. This delicious synth is a must-have for all EDM, House, Tech House, Future House, Dance and Trance producers. Nightlife consists of 3 oscillators, with an infinity of waveforms, cause you can draw your own waveforms into it. There are also two multimode-filters, a very advanced modulation-matrix, four envelopes and four extensive step sequencers included. One of the step-sequencers could be used as for beat-synced arpeggiator patterns. An extraordinary vowel-filter with an included morphing-pad an some effects have never been missed out. Last but not least there are more than 140 presets included, to pimp up your tracks to the next level.

Nightlife is now available as a 32 Bit plug-in for Windows.

Check out the Nightlife video and demo-sounds and download this tool right here:
Nightlife for free by Acoustica and Dancelab

Extra stuff:
In the next time you’ll find an exclusive extension pack with more presets at the Acoustica page of Noizefield. Check it out soon.

Essential ExpansionCover small

You can also download some exclusive wallpapers and presets right here:

Nightlife Wallpapers

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      The Essential Expansion Pack Will be released as a christmas gift this year.

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