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nLab Synthesis released Kosmo


nLab Synthesis released Kosmo, a virtual instrument based on Native Instruments Reaktor 6.4 (Full Version).

Taking inspiration from the so-called “West Coast” synthesis and old soviet synthesizers aesthetic, Kosmo employs and simplifies some of their most important features to build a 3-track experimental groove-box and sound generator combining a distinctive and raw sound with a user-friendly interface offering many creative capabilities. To research and explore your sound, you can move through folded triangle oscillators, low pass gates, cycling envelopes, random sequencer, chaotic LFOs, XY pad and a set of effects. In few steps, you can make a chaotic and distorted percussion pattern as well as an evolving and dreamy soundscape.


  • Three track based experimental sound generator and groovebox
  • 3 Triangle VCOs with Wavefolder, FM and Pitch Quantizer
  • 3 Low Pass Gate filters
  • 3 Cycling Envelope Generators (AD)
  • 3 Pan parameters
  • 3 FX Insert switches
  • Random LFO with Self-Feedback option
  • Multiwave LFO with Symmetry and Chaos randomizer
  • 3 Channels and 8-Step Sequencer with shared Sliders, Steps and Sequence Length
  • XY Pad with automation mode
  • 3 FX modules wired in series (Resonator/Band-Pass Filter, Chorus/Tape Delay, Vintage/Space Reverb)
  • Master section with Saturator and Leveler compressor

*Only for the full version of Reaktor 6.4 and later.

Price: 20€

More info here: nLab Synthesis | Kosmo

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