Noise Lab released Clang

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Noise Lab released Clang, a unique combination of a four-quadrant multiplier (ring modulator) and wave folder that can generate a wide range of interesting sounds from just a sine or triangle waveform. From screeching drones and strange bell sounds to plucky tones or center aligned pwm waveforms. Three inputs which accept both audio and control voltages, and two outputs with slightly different functions: the left simply provides the processed sound, while the right routes the signal via a VCA, controlled by the Offset Mod input and its level knob. Clang also has an integrated triangle oscillator normalled to the Y input.

RM Mode switch (Ring Modes)
1: Four-quadrant multiplier. Modulation of the carrier signal with offset control. Ideal for producing typical bell-like tones.
2: A single stage, soft folding circuit that bends the waveform and adds extra harmonics to the carrier waveform. Offset Mod input can be used to animate the folded signal.
3: A hard fold circuit that generates an unusual center aligned pwm-like waveform.


More info here: Noise Lab | Clang

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