NoiseAsh Audio released NEED 533 EQ

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NoiseAsh Audio released NEED 533 EQ, a 5-band high-performance analog eq unit that has its unique special Gain-Q-Frequency interaction engine. It has a sweet musical tone that doesn’t sound muddy or harsh even in extreme settings! NEED 533 EQ is the expertly captured and extremely accurate circuit emulation that causes unmistakably great tones in both mixing and mastering sessions. Since the special analog curves shape and keep the sound boundaries always in the right musical area, it is almost impossible to make mistakes with it. Lovely musical curves, continuously variable frequency, and Q controls, custom made HP-LP filters, and modern Mid/Side processing features make this unit a flexible tool that shapes new sounds and controls any part of the audio spectrum in its unique way; so, use it on any audio source, even on a master bus to add a real character!


  • Truly accurate circuit reproduction of unique special Gain-Q-Frequency interaction engine
  • Nuance Deviation System (NDS) for individual Left/Mid and Right/Side channels
  • Mid/Side channel processing mode
  • Characteristic 5 band vintage EQ and custom HP/LP filters
  • Continuously variable Frequency and Q controls
  • Fabled musical curves that sounds always right
  • Anti-Aliasing Analog Modeling Engine
  • Optimized Resizable GUI layout for the effective workflow
  • Friend of CPU

Intro: $49.90
Regular: $150

More info here: NoiseAsh Audio | NEED 533 EQ

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