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Noizefield Competition: Winner of the Acoustica Mixcraft Give-Away


Hi Noizefielderz, we got a lot of subscribers in our Competion for the Acoustica Mixcraft give-away. Thank you very much for this. The most creative entry has been done by atonal, so he will be the winner of this contest.
Check out his website: jazzaria.com
He composed mixcraft-lyrics to this competition:


Need a DAW. Need a DAW. I need a DAW.
That DAW-I-saw! That DAW-I-saw!
I do not like that DAW-I-saw.
I do not like my sound all raw.

Would you like it in your pack?

I would not like it in my pack.

Would you like it on a Mac?

You may like this brand new DAW.
It’s different from the DAW-you-saw.
Acoustica just released it.
It’s named Mixcraft, and is a hit!

If you let me be,
I will try it. You will see.

(Tries Acoustica Mixcraft)

Say! I really like this DAW!
I do! It makes my sound less raw.
I will jam! A fantasie!
I’ll use guitar, come play with me!
I would use it in my room.
It really makes my sound go zoom.
And I would use it on my box.
And I would use it for my mocks.
And I would use it with my mouse.
And I would load my sampled Strauss.
And I would keep it in my pack.
And I would use it on a Mac.
(In Boot Camp, for that usage case.
It runs on Windows like an ace.)
I would use it here or there.
Say! I would use it anywhere!
I do so like this brand new DAW.
Thank you! Thank you, DAW-I-saw!

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