Ocean Swift releases free synthesizer Defiant WT

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Ocean Swift releases free synthesizer Defiant WT

Compact and Intuitive

A Fully resizeable Interface with a clean design


Defiant’s Main Oscillator comes packed with different Synthesis styles, you can chose between Analog OSC, Digital (Wavetable) OSC and Additive OSC

200 Factory Wavetables

200 original factory wavetables within the wavetable oscillator types, and another 100 original wavetables within the LFOs. Defiant WT also has the ability to Manually any load new costum Wavetables

We provide Waveform Packs (in seperate) that are compatible with Defiant WT and many other popular Wavetable Synthesizers, such as such as Serum, Kontakt, Codex, Surge and many others. check our: Waveform Pack I


A Clean and powerful sound – Defiant WT comes packed with +120 Factory Presets along with Third party presets by PEFagan, Double Dutch Yariv Amsterdam, FXB project, Drew Lake, Ocean Star Empire, Atom Sessions

Low Cpu Footprint

Small cpu footprint with no compromise on quality.

Ocean Swift – Defiant WT

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