Overdose – Our new freeware wavetable-synth

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Hey guys, we’ve released together with Infected Sounds our new synthesizer Overdose, a flexible wavetable-synth for free! It’s suitable for EDM, Bounce, Trance, Trap, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Techno and Dance.


  • Two oscillators with 168 Waveforms each
  • Ringmodulator + FM
  • Two Multimode-Filter + One Vowel Filter
  • Four ADSR evelopes
  • Fadable LFOs
  • Stereo Chorus
  • Phaser
  • Trance-Gate
  • Ensemble-Effect
  • Crusher
  • Distortion & Drive
  • 25 phatt presets
  • Changeable colour skins
  • If you want to change the colour of the synth, click on the IS – logo and pick up another colour.

More info and Download here: Noizefield | Overdose

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