Overloud released MODULA

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Overloud released MODULA, a new plugin that includes three of the most iconic modulation units. In addition to offering the most faithful emulation available today, it allows to extend the original tone capabilities by adding many features which are not available on the analog units.

  • Emulations inspired to Dimension* D, Solina* Ensemble and SPX90*
  • Dual Mode: left and right settings can be changed independently for wider stereo effects
  • Input stage saturation control
  • Stereo with control
  • LFO shapes can be customized
  • Built-In parametric equalizer
  • Parameters can be controlled by envelopes
  • Modulation rates can be synced to BPM

Intro: € 69.00
Regular: € 129.00

More info here: Overloud | MODULA

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