ph released Mixer++ (Eurorack)

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ph released Mixer++, aMultifunctional 4 inputs to stereo output mixer, compatible with AUDIO and CV signals for Eurorack.

The MIXER ++ module is a mixer “all in one” in a small size (12HP).

  • 4 mono inputs including 1 mono or stereo (switching depending on the connection used, can be used return stereo effect)
  • 1 main level potentiometer (logarithmic curve)
  • 1 auxiliary mono output, adapted to the input level of the guitar pedals or studio effects rack
  • 1 stereo output on 3.5mm jack

Each channel comprises:

  • 1 level potentiometer (linear curve)
  • 1 mute button (with bicolor led green / red satut) to activate / desactivate the channel
  • Auxiliary send pre or post level
  • 1 pan potentiometer (with central detent)

Accepts audio or CV signals.
Available with black or white panel.

Price: 155 € (excluding shipping costs)

More info here: ph | Mixer++

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