Pittsburgh Modular released 3 new Safari Series modules

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The Safari Series provides artists with an advanced preview of innovative new concepts stemming from our research and design process. The fourth Safari Series, affectionately nicknamed “The Scary Series” digs deep into the heart of the Pittsburgh sound with three dark, new experiments.

A Filter of Crows
Our classic Pittsburgh Filter pushed to the limits. The overdrive preamp from original Crow module paired with switchable filter response, resonance instability mode, and voltage control over both frequency and resonance. A Filter of Crows can be both menacing and subtle with a massive sonic palette. Shifting from buttery smooth sweeps to punishing, overdriven noise without ever sounding harsh or uncomfortable. This is the most interesting variant of the Pittsburgh Filter we have created.

Dynamics Controller Bat
Both a resonant filter and a VCA, the Pittsburgh Modular Dynamics Controller Bat is a modern re-interpretation of Don Buchla’s famous “lopass” gate. The original lowpass gate was limited to a static response time that varied from unit to unit. For better or worse, this made each lowpass gate a little different. The Dynamics Controller Bat solves this issue and expands on the original concept by adding a unique voltage controllable response curve and variable resonance to the lowpass gate. Nothing has more depth, sounds more natural, or feels more alive than the our Dynamics Controller. Not only is this module unique in the world of modular synthesis, it sounds amazing.

The Wolf Channel Strip VCA
The idea was to design a VCA that makes everything sound better. Through the use of a custom Wolf preamp circuit, parametric EQ, and a high quality, linear VCA, The Wolf adds depth and presence to any patch. A custom preamplifier with variable gain control shifts between .5x and 7x gain followed by a soft clipping limiter. Results range from fully transparent to warm saturation to overdrive depending on how hard it is pushed. A three stage, 15db EQ pairs sweeping low and mid range channels with a fixed frequency high shelf followed by a second soft clipping limiter identical to the one in the preamp to keep it smooth. Green, Yellow, and Red LEDs are both fun and informative! Located after the EQ and before the VCA in the signal path, the LEDs offer insight into the audio signal.

he retail price for the A Filter of Crows, Dynamics Controller Bat, and The Wolf Channel Strip VCA is $249 USD each. Because these modules are considered experiments, production has been limited to 200 A Filter of Crows, 250 Dynamics Controller Bat, and 200 The Wolf Channel Strip VCA modules. The modules are available now through the Pittsburgh Modular web shop.

More info here: Pittsburgh Modular | Safari Series

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