Playfair Audio released Dynamic Grading

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Playfair Audio released Dynamic Grading, a new sound design and shaping plug-in.

Dynamic Grading is an entirely novel approach to dynamic processing of audio. Unlike traditional dynamic processors like compressors or expanders, which are notoriously hard to adjust, Dynamic Grading lets you mix with more confidence than ever before. It does so by showing you an easily comprehensible histogram of audio dynamics, providing you with intuitive and easy-to-use means for manipulating it graphically, and using sophisticated and musical dynamic processing algorithms.

Thank goodness it’s not a compressor!
What would dynamic processing be like if nobody had ever invented the compressor? Dynamic Grading makes your audio dynamics visible and tangible. Get your tracks under control with this unique and versatile dynamic processing plugin. Forget about those clumsy compressors, expanders and gates.

More info here: Playfair Audio | Dynamic Grading

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