PMFoundations released Fatkeys™ VCF (DIY Eurorack Module)

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PMFoundations released Fatkeys™ VCF, a DIY Eurorack VCF using Fatkeys™ SSI2144 from Sound Semiconductor

Now you can build your own FATKEYS™ FOUR-POLE VOLTAGE CONTROLLED FILTER (SSI2144) that reprises the SSM2044 of legacy chipmaker Solid State Microtechnology, which many believe to be the best-sounding analog synthesis filter IC ever produced.
Based on Dave Rossum’s patented classic improved ladder topology, the SSI2144 allows rich tonal characteristics that showcase the very best attributes of subtractive synthesis. Most importantly, the SSI2144 preserves the coveted sonic character of the SSM2044.


  • Four pole VCF low pass filter
  • Exponential 1V/octave response
  • Exponential voltage control of resonance
  • Self-resonance adjustable
  • Two frequency CV inputs
  • Q CV input
  • Input level control for smooth or overdriven sounds
  • Board accepts SSOP and DIP16 packages and adapters.
  • 6HP Eurorack with our panel

More info here: PMFoundations | Fatkeys™ VCF

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