Rast Sound released Sufi Ney V2.0

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Rast Sound released Sufi Ney V2.0 for Native Instruments KONTAKT and as wav sample pack.

According to the Sufi, the Ney instrument resembles the human experience. The reed with seven holes suffers until a breath passes through and flourishes music again.

Sufi Ney V2 offers long and short performances, patterns, solo multisample instrument and player instruments for KONTAKT. You can either play the solo instrument and mix with performance and pattern players on Kontakt or use WAV files of long and short performances recorded in pristine quality.

We have designed Sufi Ney for composers & producers making film soundtracks or EDM bangers. This unique wind instrument will add texture and colour to your sound palette.

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More info here: Rast Sound | Sufi Ney V2.0

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