Reformer – Amazing sounddesign-tool for free by Krotos

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Krotos has released the amazing sounddesign plugin Reformer for free.

Perfect for audio professionals in all industries, Reformer allows sound artists to shape and sculpt effects in real-time with any audio input, from a live mic, pre-recorded sample or a beat track. From voices morphing into an explosion or a revving engine melding into ferocious black leopard snarls, with Reformer, artists go beyond traditional sound design methods and literally re-form sound.

Sculpt and shape sound effects in real-time
– Instantly draw from a palette of library sounds to sculpt a new sound effect using the profile of any live input
– Follow on-screen action precisely and dynamically – perfect for film and animation
– Utilise artificial intelligence and advanced signal analysis for intuitive design

Use sound libraries in new and unimagined ways
– All library assets are sourced from the real world, with zero signal-processing or synthesis, leaving your project the most authentic sounding results, at high speed
– Search through the library database with ease to quickly find the perfect assets for your design
– Perform sound effects libraries in Reformer or use the original audio files in your DAW, giving you complete flexibility and incredible value

Black Leopard sound library for free
– Design with real black leopard growls and roars for any film, TV, or game audio project
– Recorded in Thailand by our specialists, this exclusive library has 30 great samples and is recorded at 192kHz/24bit

Krotos Audio – Reformer

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