Reverbical Update to v1.2 by RealtimeOnly

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RealtimeOnly updates Reverbical to v1.2 with Shimmer and preset Morphing features

RealtimeOnly has released version 1.2 of its stereo reverb plugin Reverbical. On top of the recent user interface redesign and skin theming, this version adds Shimmer and preset Morphing features, as well as updated sound designer presets.

Reverbical is a high quality reverb plugin with easy selectable and diverse space presets. Its unique preset grid allows for one-click selection of room sounds from light ambiences to large halls. The updated version now features seamless morphing between these presets, making any transitional state between up to four different spaces audible. Smooth transitions are ensured by making use of Reverbical’s parameter engine, which has been especially designed towards smoothness on changes.

With the new Shimmer feature, reverb tails can be enriched with harmonics that add up to a beautiful finish and shimmering glance inside the space. The effect can extend from subtle high-frequency enhancements to drastic choral-like harmonizing sounds, and works best with clean or harmonic signals like synth pads or clean E-Guitars.

In addition, the presets from sound designer Deneb Pinjo have been updated. A complete preset bank including Shimmer presets is now included.

Reverbical V1.2 is available in VST/AU/AAX formats for OSX and Windows, at a price of 59€ / 69$ (incl. VAT). Existing customers update for free. The product and free demo downloads are available at

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