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Rigid Audio has released Kontakt GUI Maker (KGM), a WYSIWYG Kontakt instrument creation tool for Windows


Create your own GUI with the Kontakt GUI Maker (KGM) by Rigid Audio.

KGM allows anyone to design, create and develop instruments for the Kontakt sampler by Native Instruments without the need to write a single line of code. You can visually arrange control items on screen, change their properties and assign actions that do something.

Once you are ready to test your project, you can hit the compile button and watch your project inside a premade Kontakt instrument. This premade instrument has everything already set up to get the user started. There are sixteen available sample layers (groups) and all the bread-and-butter effects, modulation routings, filters and equalizers as well.

KGM comes with a factory library of 200 royalty-free knobs, switches and background images that can be used freely in any personal or commercial Kontakt project. You can also import your own PNG image files via drag-and-drop.

Furthermore, there are currently around 260 so called actions, that can be assigned to any control items that should alter Kontakt instrument functions and properties. These include but are not limited to switching panels and wallpapers, toggling effects, modifying equalizers, changing volume and filter envelopes as well as triggering keyswitches.

Each control item in KGM can have up to five distinct actions and can be modified in terms of position, color, automation, labelling and more.
You can even modify knob scaling curves for each assigned action to e.g. invert a knob or to make it do custom things.

Finally, KGM features access to currently over 25 pre-setup Kontakt effects. This way you can simply grab and insert any knob, assign e.g. a reverb action to it and once you compile your project, that knob will adjust the reverb level in your Kontakt instrument instantly. A true gamechanger.

KGM is currently available for Windows 10 or 11 and requires a native screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a full (retail) version of Native Instruments Kontakt 6.8.0 or higher. There are no licensing-fees involved and KGM customers will get lifetime free updates.

KGM costs $79.99 USD and is currently on offer for $59.99 (25% off until the end of April 2024

Get more infos here and buy it here:
Rigid Audio

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