Rob Papen announced Prisma

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Rob Papen showed Prisma his latest plugin at NAMM. It will be free for every user that owns at least one Rob Papen instrument.

“During NAMM 2016 Rob Papen gave an exclusive look at a new plug-in which will be included as part of the eXplorer-III bundle!(once available).
In fact, if you own any current Rob Papen instrument, you can download Prisma in March for free. But… Prisma makes most sense if you own all the instruments (eXplorer-III bundle) to combine them into a stunning new sound experience!
Prisma blew off the socks of the listeners at NAMM show! Imagine that you can combine the different colours of synthesis into one cool new sound! BLUE-II combined with Blade, combined with Punch…with Predator etc.”

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