Roland Cloud released Roland TB-303 for Roland Cloud

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Roland Cloud released the TB-303 as virual instrument for Roland Cloud.

Roland Cloud is pleased to announce the addition of the Roland TB-303 to our suite of software instruments. Utilizing the same ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) modeling as the Roland JUNO-106, JUPITER-8, and others from our Legendary series, the virtual TB-303 captures the hypnotic tone of the original hardware and forms the perfect complement to the TR-909 and other instruments in Roland Cloud.

Like the Roland TR-808 and its influence on hip-hop, the TB-303 played an essential role in the development of the late ‘80s-early ‘90s rave culture. It is safe to say electronic music as we know it would not exist without this unassuming musical device. The 303 hooked producers with its ability to continually shapeshift and transform grooves in real time. There hasn’t been anything like it since, and now it’s yours to enjoy as part of a Roland Cloud subscription.

The Instrument that Gave Birth to a Movement
Some instruments are so groundbreaking, they create entire musical genres—the electric guitar and the Hammond organ being shining examples. Roland’s TB-303 is one of these influential instruments, but it wasn’t always seen that way.
When Roland released the TB-303 Bass Line in 1981 it was marketed as a computerized bass machine to simulate a traditional bass guitar. However, as its unique history has shown, inventive electronic musicians soon discovered the 303. They often came across one second-hand; and, these creative musicians found a world of uses for the little silver box and its recognizably fluid low end.
By using the 303 in new ways, these pioneers of early house music inadvertently created a sound that came to be known as Acid. This new sound helped form a host of other electronic music genres. The iconic sounds of the 303 remain inseparable from dance music, and they form the foundation of countless historic recordings.

An Authentic Evolution with Expanded Features
Dig into the digital version of the fabled Roland TB-303. The tidy feel and massive sound of the original are here—from the iconic interface to the six highly playable knobs, it achieves that signature crunch and squelch. The software 303 retains the flow and functionality of the original design while adding a multitude of new features which surely would have turned heads back in the day.

More info here: Roland Cloud | TB-303

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