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Roland released Zentracker


Zentracker takes the complexity out of recording music, turning your mobile device into a handy and intuitive multitrack studio. Whether you’re a singer or instrumentalist, Zentracker puts the focus on getting ideas down while they’re fresh with an easy-yet-powerful way to record, edit, and mix your music anywhere.

Free Features:

  • Easy recording, editing, and mixing for Android and iOS devices
  • Unlimited audio tracks
  • Intuitive, touch-friendly controls
  • Two track effects and two sends per channel
  • Mixer with 16 audio effects
  • Audio editing with reverse, time-stretch, and more
  • Timeline automation
  • Track freeze
  • Save and share with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive
  • Over 200 included audio loops

Membership Features:

Join Roland Cloud for access to the full feature set:

  • Stem export
  • AUv3 plug-in support for audio effects on iOS
  • Full access to all effects
  • Eight track effect slots
  • Unlimited track sends
  • Access to over 20 Loop Packs (1 GB+)
  • Access to additional Roland Cloud mobile apps

Free or part of Roland Cloud (for access to the full feature set see above)

More info here: Roland | Zentracker

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