RSGL03 – Free Bass guitar by Replika Sound

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Replika Sound

Replika Sound has released the free Kontakt instrumentRSGL03. It’s a free bass guitar.

– FREE Note Range Limited Demo Version of RSGL03 v7
– Adaptive Legato and Hybrid Legato Scripting
– 11 Key-Switched Articulations
– Note Range : D0 to G3 [ This Demo D0-E1 ] – Random Robin Note Alternation and Note Borrowing
– Easy-Play Chord Mode with Strum Speed, Direction and Note Emphasis
– 26 Bar Chord Types and Power Chords
– 2 Pages of Effects Units including 24 Reverb Types
– Tremolando Picking Function and Vibrato Controls
– Fully Customisable External MIDI Control
– Dynamic Brightness Filters and Volume Envelopes
– Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.3+ Required
Replika Sound – Free Bass Gtr

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