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Samples From Mars released LM1 Comparison for free


Samples From Mars released LM1 Comparison, a free drum sample pack which is part of their Sample Journal blog series.

The LM1 (often mistaken for the Linndrum) is an incredibly groovy, classic and rare drum machine from the 80s, most notably popularized by Prince. After waiting years to find (and afford) this holy grail of 80s drum machines, we finally acquired one in 2018 (see below, left) and sampled it extensively.

But just a year later, we acquired another unit! 🤷🏻‍♂️ This mysterious looking LM1 (see above, right) featured a curiously gray faceplate, softer, more pillowy pads, and sounded somehow warmer and lazier! Oddly enough, the research we’ve done has provided no explanation for this.

Since we never added the samples from this gray machine to the LM1 From Mars pack, we figured grabbing a few kits from both units would be the perfect way to explore and compare the subtle differences between these amazing machines.

More info and free download here: Samples From Mars released | LM1 Comparison

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