Silhouette Synthesizer announced SILHOUETTE eins

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Silhouette Synthesizer announced SILHOUETTE eins, a optical soundtrack synthesizer.

SILHOUETTE picks visual shapes and reads them as audio waves. In real time.
SILHOUETTE is unusual, experimetal, noisy, intuitive, surprising, deep, poly aural, inspiring, sound designy, vivid, poly rythmical, (…)

Technical Features (SILHOUETTE eins – prototype #1)

  • live camera and lighttable
  • 1 optical soundtrack oscillator
  • 4 voices
  • 5 modulation waves
  • 7 modulation driver sources (LFOs, EGs, etc.)
  • 18 modulation adresses
  • screen record
  • reverb
  • users add their own content pictures and movies
  • trackpad to move area and for edit functions
  • 37 fullsize keyboard
  • stereo output linkable to area position
  • video output for audiovisual performance
  • external connections via midi

More info here: Silhouette

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