SKnote released PSLTubeComp

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SKnote released PSLTubeComp.

PSLTubeComp is the first in the series. We designed an aggressive tube compressor from scratch, built it in the lab, analysed and modelled it on a component-level to get an incredibly detailed tool which is effective and fun to use. Your drum loops will be happy, bass tracks controlled and rich, vocals more expressive and just a little bit of this one on a mix will really help to glue things together, from transparent to extreme.

PSLTubeComp is currently available as Win/Mac/VST/AU/AAX plugin with the special price of 29.99$ in the Webshop (extended until Oct 28st!) (MSRP 49.99$) .

Main features:

  • Modelled on a component level after a custom designed and built aggressive tube compressor with a tube power supply.
  • Integrated with more modern features: a true autogain.
  • Multiband sidechain filter.
  • Control on Attack and Release time constants.
  • Continuous “mode” control, from VCA to Optical (complex time constants). From edgy to round.
  • Direct control on tube circuit bias, from clean to overdriven.
  • Sample aligned Dry/Wet Mix control.
  • Smart through-clipboard preset management.

More info here: SKnote | PSLTubeComp

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