Softube released Wasted Space

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Softube released Wasted Space, perfectly imperfect lo-fi reverb.

  • Instant, extreme lo-fi digital reverb for creative production and sound design
  • Authentic aliasing artifacts and distortion with Softube-quality sound and workflow
  • Three versions included: the native plug-in, the Modular module, and the Amp Room module

When you need extreme digital lo-fi character quickly, the reverb to reach for is Wasted Space. Wasted Space gives you the retro ’80s aliasing artifacts currently in vogue in pop and electronic genres and takes them to eleven.
Put Wasted Space straight on a track to bring elements to the front of the mix or get a full low-fidelity sound by using it on a bus. With Wasted Space, you can go from lackluster to out-of-this-world in a flash.

Intro: €35
Regular: €59

More info here: Softube | Wasted Space

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