Sonatina Orchestra as a VST-module by bigcat instruments

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bigcat instruments has released the Sonatina Orchestra Module, which includes the Orchestral samples by Mattias Westlund as a VST module.
“The whole ‘Rompler’ weighs in at a touch over 1 gig and since each instrument loads separately it should never take over 250 megs of memory (the choir is big). Most instruments use about 50 megs.

There are 20+ instruments including a soloist for every major instrument except the Viola and Double Bass. There are sections for all the important instruments including the Viola and Double Bass. Articulations include Pizzicato for the string sections and Staccato for the strings, brass and flute sections. There is also plenty of percussion along with a piano, harp and choir.”
bigcat instruments – Sonatina Orchestra

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