Soniccouture released All Saints Organ

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Soniccouture released All Saints Organ for NI Kontakt (Player).

The organ in All Saints Church, Tooting is considered to be one of the finest examples of Harrison & Harrisons work.
Built in 1906 and voiced by the great Arthur Harrison – surely the first celebrity sound-designer – it is particularly notable for its delicate and quiet registers; as well as the lowest bass we have ever heard.
Tonally altered since it was installed in the church over 100 years ago, it features 41 stops, not including couplings. We have sampled 25 of these in full, covering every note.
Much more detail about the organ can be found on this dedicated website


  • 6GB Library, 3.5GB with NCW compression
  • 24/48khz stereo sampling
  • 2500 samples
  • 2 microphone arrays : close + ambient
  • 25 Stops with keyswitching
  • True church reverb impulses
  • Synthesis module
  • Microtuning module
  • Registration presets by Howard Goodall & David Kelly
  • Sound design presets by Ian Boddy

Price: Intro €90 / Regular €129

More info here: Soniccouture | All Saints Organ

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