sonicLAB released Cosmosf FX7 version 7

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sonicLAB released Cosmosf FX7 version 7. Cosmosf FX is an advanced stochastic audio processor with a complex network of delay buffers, which are distributed and modulated by stochastic functions on multiple time scales.

Cosmosƒ FX7 is an advanced live audio proccessing plugin available as AU / VST and standalone formats both for Windows and OSX 64bits versions only. The new update includes 1st and 3rd order surround sound ambisonic encoder, convolution engine, polyphonic modulation, the Object engine, Resonator section, custom envelope shaping and various visualisation goodies.

Cosmosƒ FX7 supports OSC and full MIDI controller assignment.

(New) : FX7 meets the “Object” engine, a custom gesture composer for the entire parameter space. Also there is Resonator filter section and full MIDI controlller assignment made available.

Price: EUR 109,00€

More info here: sonicLAB released Cosmosf FX7

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