sonicLAB released Thermo

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sonicLAB released Thermo, a self regulating hyper oscillator engine inspired by thermodynamic systems. The 4 oscillators of the Thermo are in continuous interaction sending each other their signals. And each oscillator engine checks its environment conditions and takes decisions, “self regulates”, in reaction to these changes applied by the stochastic modulators or by the user through some perturbations called the injections into the system.

This defines already the basic structure of a thermodynamic engine which regulates its internal states by itself to maintain its quasi state. All of this projected to a sound synthesis engine means the algorithmic performance of the continuous sonic transformations. The enjeux between regulations and perturbations is exactly the uniqueness of Thermo taking you to unheard sonic territories.

Thermo is available for OS X , Windows platforms as VST3, AU, standalone formats. It is Apple M1 compatible.

All sonicLAB products are 64bit only.

Intro: 59€ until 7JUN 2021
Regular: 79€

More info here: sonicLAB | Thermo

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