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Spectral Plugins released Spacer


Spectral Plugins released Spacer, the perfect foundation for adding depth and expansiveness to your sound. The effect is a classic algorithmic reverb with the full range of knobs you’d expect, which means you can easily dial in some initial size or position it at the end of a chain to maximize lushness.

Spacer has five effects modules which can be linked in any order to generate infinite FX combinations, but are also designed to work as independent processing stations in their own right. Send your signal into orbit using algorithmic, convolution and granular reverb, and simple and granular delay, to create dreamlike overtones, shifting soundscapes or contemporary ambiences.

Spacer’s granular engine allows you to create transformative spatial environments and motion effects by deconstructing your audio signal and then reassembling it in new ways to produce three-dimensional, otherworldly sounds. The Grain Reverb and Grain Delay modules are dynamic granular effects that process your signal in real-time with unique results. Both effects are powered by Zynaptiq’s high-quality pitch-shifting technology to allow granular transposition, perfect for conjuring up ethereal tones or dark undercurrents.

Intro: $69

More info here: Spectral Plugins | Spacer

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