Splash – Freeware synth for EDM, Diablo and Future House

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The swedish software-developers of Infected Sounds (Johan and Carl) have released a new freeware synth called Splash. This synth has got four oscillators, two modulation- and one amp envelopes with individual slopes, two different matrixes (one for LFOs and envelopes each). Every oscillator has got 42 different waveforms. An effect section with distortion, bit reducer, 4-band-EQ, Chorus, Reverb is included too.

It’s suitable for music genres like Diablo House, Future House, Tropical House, Deep House, Melbourne Bounce and EDM as well.
This Windows-VST plugin consists 32 presets and could be downloaded exclusivly right here: (A registration is NOT required)
JB and CPS- Splash

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  2. Splash is hardcore yo! Sexy when you need it. Funky when you want it. Splash is the right name for it. When this baby is injected into the track…it’s like marinade injected into a Turkey. mmmmm mmmmmm. Righteous!!!

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