Splice Sounds released Accusonus Regroover Pro & Beatformer as Rent-to-Own

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Splice Sounds released Accusonus Regroover Pro & Beatformer as Rent-to-Own.

Beatformer is a simple but incredible tool for shaping the sound of beats. Its power lies in its blend of analog-style processing, modern digital technology, and a dead-simple interface. By adjusting the single knobs for Punch, Air, Squash, and Boom, it’s quite easy to either tweak or completely transform your sound.

Regroover Pro is an evolution in processing samples and loops, and forces us to rethink what’s possible.
Truly groundbreaking in its technology and implementation, Regroover Pro breaks down your loops to their basic elements, allowing you to adjust and add effects to those individual sounds. Best of all, you can “re-groove” your rhythms into entirely new ones, which Regroover does by allowing you to give every instrument or sound a unique loop point.

More information here:
Splice Sounds | Accusonus Regroover Pro & Beatformer

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