Steinberg released SpectraLayers 8

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Steinberg released SpectraLayers 8 with a blend of process, tool, and workflow improvements. AI-driven processes now reach across layers to accomplish precision de-bleeding and more. Selection tools now provide more control over harmonics, attenuation, and pitch. Workflow enhancements — including improved ARA 2 DAW integration — bring the magic directly into your DAW project timeline. Immerse yourself in powerful, practical workflows with speed and depth, moving with ease from critical audio rescue missions to the most sophisticated sound design adventures in digital audio.

Smarter AI
Second-generation AI implementation in SpectraLayers includes the ability to work across multiple layers in the De-Bleed process, the introduction of AI in the Reverb Reduction process, and the addition of an alternate AI option in the Voice Denoiser. AI is proliferating quickly throughout the entire application, with all-new processes, improved code in existing AI-driven processes, and supercharged legacy tools with fresh new AI implementations.

Price SpectraLayers Pro 8
Intro: 239,20 € *Price including 19% VAT
Regular: 299,00 € *Price including 19% VAT

Price SpectraLayers Elements 8
Intro: 63,99 € *Price including 19% VAT
Regular: 79,99 € *Price including 19% VAT

More info here: Steinberg | SpectraLayers 8

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