Strata – Free Particle Tape Loop Device by Puremagnetik

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Puremagnetik is pleased to release Strata, a free plugin to complement Tape Pieces Volume 2 by Chris Child and Micah Frank – out now on Foil Imprints.

Strata is a plugin inspired by both microsound and tape music. It is a tape loop emulator and granular (particle) processor that can warp, bend, dissect and “analog age” all types of incoming audio.

Strata can be used as a simple ad-hoc buffer looper or you can build complex sound sculptures by putting it in “ADD” mode and tweaking the grain controls.

Strata is free and comes with Chris and Micah’s Tape Pieces Volume 2 – also free (name your price) on Bandcamp.

Puremagnetik – Strata

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