Sugar Audio released Filterizor Q Pro and Q Free

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Sugar Audio released Filterizor Q Pro/Free, a 2D/3D Multi Channel Equalizer, Filter & Effect plugin.

Equalizing and filtering in perfect 2D and 3D visualizations using up to 10 out of 255 dynamically overlayed or paralleled channels for detailed spectrum comparisons is the power of Filterizor Q Pro. Benefit from using it in mixing, mastering, live or teaching sessions. Filterizor Q Pro combines analogue vintage designs with the modern advantages of the digital domain. Are you feeling overwhelmed with your EQ settings ? Filterizor Q Pro will change it as effective as possible. Are you experiencing masking and interferencing in your sound ? Easily find competing frequencies and clean your mix. Quickly link and adjust filters of any plug-in instance together making complementary EQing easier than ever.
Many filter types and models, up to 100 superb sounding filters per instance with up to 20th order for very steep frequency responses, linear/zero phase modes, L/R & M/S processing, flexible automation mapping, inverted filter solo mode to find muddiness/harshness/resonances, note lock and the 4-phase gain protection are some of the highlights of Filterizor Q Pro.
Spectrums are displayed with wonderful filled/lined graphics using blending, blending types and smoothing. Use the custom UI coloration, free resizing capabilities up to Ultra-HD & 5K Retina resolutions and innovative control multi panel to optimize your workflow.


  • Powerful 2D / 3D equalizer & filter for mixing, mastering, creative effects & live sessions
  • Perfect spectrum interference visualization: clean your mix, eliminate unwanted masking & find sound definition
  • Unique parallel mode = your EQ control center: add/delete/change filters of any other instance with the help of send/receive channels
  • Makes your mixing workflow easier: dynamically compare shiftable paralleled and overlayed 2D/3D spectrums of any other instance in the 10 channels simultaneous view
  • Get the best out of your mix: phenomenal complementary mixing
  • Quickly (inverse) link up to 10 filters of any instance(!) in 10 separated link chains and edit/drag/bypass them together. The links are saved with your projects !
  • Superb sounding analogue vintage designs combined with the modern advantages of the digital domain
  • High quality low cut, high cut, band, band stop (notch), band pass, low shelf, high shelf & weighted shelf filters
  • Stereo (left/right), M/S (mid/side) and sum processing
  • Filter solo mode: easily find muddiness, harshness & resonances
  • Assisting multi channel correlation meter
  • Up to 20th order filters for all filter types & models (!) with steep frequency responses of up to 180dB/oct and more
  • Up to 100 brillant sounding filters of any type per instance
  • Highly optimized zero latency, linear phase and zero phase modes
  • Customizable 4 phase gain protection protects your ears and speakers
  • 10 channels x 9 parameters automation mapping changes more than one filter with one parameter for custom resonances, dips & effects
  • Smart note, frequency and gain lock functions
  • On-the-fly edit- and hideable filter info pop up window
  • The filter lock mode intelligently protects against unwanted changes and automation
  • Useful dB-scale- and hideable RMS, peak & peak hold meter with built-in gain controller
  • Filter changes transition fine-tuning controls (fade & hold time)
  • FFT size, window (7 functions) & average controls
  • Spectrum tilt/slope knob & Nyquist mode
  • 255 channels to send/receive spectrums to/from other instances
  • Benefit from channel naming and coloration with propagation to other instances
  • Wonderful filled/lined spectrums using blending, blending types & smoothing
  • Inspirational SA 3D Engine 2.0: Highly optimized and customizable 3D renderer
  • Fantastic 360 degrees three axis 3D rotation, free positioning and zooming
  • Two independent 3D light sources with extended customization
  • Outstanding & fully customizable UI with pleasant spectrum coloration
  • Best practises Bypass / Freeze / Freeze all (global freeze) buttons
  • Advanced gain, pan, phase, L/R swap, mono and mute track controls for all instances
  • Exact mouse wheel zoom in/out to dive into the desired spectrum range
  • Handy positioning, scaling & dragging
  • Multipanel UI control with all-in-one-mode, menu splitter & control scrolling
  • Freely resizable GUI from very small up to Ultra-HD & 5K Retina
  • Full window and control hover mode
  • Extensive preset manager, many presets, quick save/load preset & A/B comparison
  • A range of keyboard shortcuts for the most important functions
  • No dongle required (except AAX), low cpu & memory usage (except 3D)

Filterizor Q Pro and Free can be downloaded at the Sugar Audio website with an introductory discount offer here: Sugar Audio | Filterizor Q Pro and Q Free

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