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Superbooth 2024: Joranalogue announced Cycle 5


Coming in Q3 2024, Cycle 5 is a small Eurorack oscillator that offers exceptional performance in a compact form. The module features a refined high-stability triangle core voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) that matches or exceeds the performance of larger and more expensive oscillator modules.


– 7-position octave switch
– Perfect fifth transposition switch
– Dual precision volt per octave inputs
– Classic waveforms: sine wave, triangle, saw, square/saw
– Hard sync input and low frequency oscillator (LFO) mode
– Trigonometric waveshaper for a clean sine wave
– Vari-wave feature for waveform morphing

With a variety of classic waveforms, a hard sync input, and a low frequency oscillator mode, Cycle 5 is a versatile VCO that can be used for a wide range of musical applications. The module’s vari-wave feature allows for smooth waveform morphing, with the ability to be CV controlled up to audio frequencies for unique timbres.

More info here: Joranalogue | Cycle 5

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