Superbooth 21 Ticket sale for the Safety First Edition

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Since monday there are tickets available for the upcoming Superbooth 21, the famous synthesizer and hardware exhibiton/ messe in Berlin.

Hello Friends, Visitors and interested people,

We hope everyone of you is well! We are back after a long break with some good news. Since the overall developments and our planning are doing well, we are pretty optimistic that Superbooth21 will take place.
>From today on we offer the first batch of tickets.
The ticket shop will be available on our site
on Monday, June 14, 2021 at 12:00 (noon).

For 2021, we are pleased to present our “Safety First Edition.”
A probably unique mixture of a trade fair to festival, with the best late summer weather and a safety concept which is corresponding with the latest official guidelines. All that in our approved venue, the FEZ-Berlin.

According to our safety concept, the spots indoors are arranged with a distance of 2m to each other to provide a safe space for the exchange between visitors and exhibitors. There will be no tables in the hallways and in the foyer this time. But you will find a well thought out one-way system which leads you all the way along any single exhibitor in their rooms and areas.

There is one important new aspect this time and we kindly ask you to read this carefully and to consider when planning your visit:

Due to the limitation of visitors per day, we open the doors for an additional event day, the Wednesday. Moreover, we split the access to the indoor area in two time shifts. With the purpose to enable the maximum number of guests, plus to provide all present visitors the same experience.
So please decide before purchasing a ticket, if you want to visit the exhibition floors indoors either from 10:00-14:00 or from 15:00-19:00. In between there will be a break and the building has to be cleared completely for one hour.

Of course, there is more to it than that! With a day ticket you can spend your day in the entire outdoor area, including all spots with exhibitors, stations, stages and the catering for the whole opening time from 10:00 to 22:00. Besides our concert program, minimum a third of the around 150 exhibitors will be available outdoors. There is a great new space, the little wood behind the slightly shifted catering spot. Over there, many brands have their tables in open tents in a surely unique nature atmosphere. More manufacturer can be discovered on new spots like the Fuchsbau or the Bungalow village which you can reach with a relaxed short walk, along more surprising small installations.

Furthermore, there will be no three-day tickets this time. Everyone who wants to stay for more than one day, need to order more of the appropriate single tickets for the days you want to join.

In regard to the currently still valid restrictions, access to the event is related to the official covid verification process. Please study the conditions carefully to prevent misunderstandings and disappointments when arriving on our welcome counter. Most probably we can install a test center in front of the building where you can get the needed certificate on the day of your visit.

Currently we are working once more on an exciting concert program which will be released step by step within next weeks as always on our site on “Events”. You can find all confirmed exhibitors in the tab
“Messe & Exhibitors” on their exact positions in the “Floorplan.”
The DIY workshops are not finalised yet. The tickets for them will go online from around July 15 on. Access to the DIY workshop area is possible with any of the 8 different day-tickets.

If you have questions in the organizational context or related to the ticket procedure, just send us an email, please before your order(!),
to: [email protected]

We are looking forward to your visit and to seeing again in September!

Best Regards,

Your Superbooth Team

More info here: Superbooth 21

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