Synapse Audio released World of Cinematic 2 for DUNE 3

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Synapse Audio released World of Cinematic 2, a larga soundset for DUNE 3

World of Cinematic 2 is our largest soundset for DUNE 3 to date. With a whopping 150 high-quality, expressive patches, it is more than twice as large as World of Cinematic 1. Designed by sound wizard Kevin Schroeder, this soundset will inspire you right away with its fantastic pads, athmospheres, leads, textures and sequences!

All patches support the modulation wheel, and many patches respond to additional controllers like Breath, Aftertouch or Velocity as well, offering great flexibility and expression for your live performance.

Kevin is a sound designer who programs sounds for well-known synthesizer manufacturers, as well as film composers Hans Zimmer, Trevor Morris and Paul Haslinger. Most recently he has programmed the sounds for the motion pictures James Bond 007 – No time to die, Wonder Woman 1984, Top Gun Maverick and the “Dune 2020” remake.

USD 40$

More info here: Synapse Audio released World of Cinematic 2 for DUNE 3

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