T-Force Delay – Free delay by Mastrcode Music

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T-Force Delay is a dual mode delay effect device. It can be used to add an echo effect to your sound. Its feedback signal can be modulated with filters and a degrader, to emulate the old vinage style analog tape echo effects. It can produce simple stereo delays, but also can be switched to ping pong mode for that typical left/right pingpong echo effect. it also has a flanger to create some crazy flanger effects on the feedback signal.

Effect device for using as insert effect or send effect
Powe switch – can be switched off to turn the plugin into bypass mode
Sync switch for switching between free mode and host sync mode for the delay time
Switch for enabling ping pong mode
Delay time control – controls the time of the delay
Feedback control – controls the feedback signal length
Mix control for the dry signal
Mix control for the wet signal

Feedback modulations:
Filter – used to create that typical analog tape echo style lowpass/high pass filter fitlering effect in the feedback signal
Degrader – used to create a degrade/downsampling the effect in the feedback signal

Adds a flanger effect to the wet signal
Rate control – used to control the tempo rate of the modulation
Depth control – used to control the modulation depth
Feedback control – used to control the amount how strong the flanged signal will fed back into the flanger which results in a more “metallic” sound.
Mix control – used to control how strong the flanger effect will be added to the wet signal.

Other features:
All controls are fully automatable
Available as 64 bit VST2/VST3 and 32 bit VST2

Mastrcode Music – T-Force Delay

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