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The magazine is back – professional audio 1/24 with free first edition


The time has finally come: The first German issue of professional audio is available and we’re celebrating this with a free edition.

The falkemedia group, a long-standing publisher in the field of digital music production and publisher of the popular magazine “Beat” announces the publication of the first “professional audio” issue 1/24. professional audio was, is and will remain a trade magazine characterised by well-founded product tests, comprehensive market overviews and in-depth technical reports in the fields of recording technology, mixing and music production. The magazine has established itself as an indispensable resource for ambitious and professional musicians and sound engineers.

A (brief) introduction to professional audio
With well-founded practical tests, professional audio provides clear decision-making aids that go into technical and practical depth and offer comprehensive purchasing advice. In its tests, the magazine also repeatedly provides additional information and expertise for recording and producing music for studio professionals, producers, musicians, DJs, ambitious home and live recording enthusiasts and interested newcomers.
The meticulous practical tests of professional audio are a centrepiece of the magazine. They not only offer a superficial look at the products tested, but also go into detail about their technical specifications, handling, possible uses and sound. The in-depth tests and comparisons provide readers with valuable information to help them make purchasing decisions and select the products best suited to their individual needs. “The magazine keeps its readers up to date with the latest developments and trends in the audio industry. This includes both hardware and software news, innovative tools and applications as well as interviews and reports on current projects and productions by artists and producers,” says Georg Berger, editor-in-chief of professional audio.

Download the first edition of professional audio issue 1/24 free of charge

In addition to publication in streaming portals such as Readly, Yumpu and Zinio, as well as in the in-house apps of falkemedia, the first edition of the new professional audio issue 1/24 is also available as a free download in German language at https://www.professional-audio.de

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