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Torso Electronics releases big update for the T-1 algorithmic sequencer


Torso Electronics is proud to announce the release of the biggest ever firmware update yet for their algorithmic sequencer T-1, adding a notable amount of features and new ways of interacting with its signature sequencing algorithms – all of which were developed in close collaboration with the Torso Electronics community. Important features in the new free update (2.0) include an extension of the sequencer engine with per-step editing (parameter locks), FX tracks, and many more. Alongside the new firmware, Torso Electronics is releasing a completely new and improved T-1 user manual written by SynthDawg.

New features in T-1 firmware version 2.0
Per-Step Editing
It is now possible to edit all of the T-1’s algorithms and lock parameters into any step of a sequence – giving you a completely new level of control on top of the T-1’s generative approach. Everything from the voicing, random amount, pitch value, and note division can now be changed per step. 

FX Tracks
The T-1 is now a real-time MIDI FX processor that lets you apply all of the embedded algorithms to incoming MIDI notes. This allows for creating complex arpeggiators, evolving midi effects, and MIDI looping. These new possibilities provide an excellent basis for keyboard players who want to ornament their keyboard playing with the T-1’s algorithmic qualities.  

Other new features in firmware 2.0
– Quick view when changing parameters (optional)
– Internal track routing (route one track to another)
– Brand-new and improved random modulation behaviors
– Stepped to slew possibilities on the random modulation
– Free division (non-quantized divisions per track)
– Cycle looping
– CC track updates (includes slew and step edit) 
– Playable keyboard in the PITCH menu
– Multi-channel tracks

To learn more about the T-1 algorithmic sequencer and all of its features, visit torsoelectronics.com

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