ttm releases free drum ttm001

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TTM001 is a VSTi for Windows (32/64bit) that can create a drum set by combining any WAV files. The free VSTi I used to use is no longer available, so I made it myself. My goal is to create a drum machine that can be used easily by simply loading WAV files without any troublesome settings.

– 16 patches, 24 simultaneous sounds.
– Volume, pitch, and pan can be adjusted for each patch.
– Supports stereo 8-channel multi-out.
– Equipped with group function (e.g., stop open hi-hat with pedal).
– Three types of filters (high-pass filter, low-pass filter, and peaking filter).
– Equipped with a function that automatically adjusts pitch and attack according to velocity and pronunciation interval.
– Frequency and bit size can be changed as desired to achieve lo-fi sound.
– Small memory usage and light load


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