UI Software released Metasynth Xx

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UI Software released Metasynth Xx, an award-winning electronic music and sound design studio for OS X which has been used in films such as The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, Matrix 4, Hannibal, Run Lola Run, Dante 01, Death Race, An Mil; music by Aphex Twin, Junkie XL, Die Form, Audio Terrorist, El Silencio Blanco, Zoreh; and games by various companies.

“Metasynth has allowed me to open up areas of expression in my music that would otherwise have remained closed to me. Hence it has become a tool that I do not want to miss anymore.“ – Dr. Daniel Hensel

Regular: 314,00 €
Pre-Release 25% Off Discount for New Xx Users

More info here: Metasynth

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